SBA Success in Action:


Contracting for Growth



While growing up as a teenager, Herb Hartso worked with his father in the family business of remodeling and painting. We worked mostly for real estate agents and apartment owners. After Herb graduated from high school, he worked with his father full-time until his father reached retirement. Herb loved working in construction, so as a result, he later went on to work for another contractor and became general manager after years of working himself up the ranks. In 1996, Herb started American Coatings & Supply which performed tenant improvement, concrete, wood stud framing, steel stud framing with welding, drywall, plaster, finish carpentry, and painting on Public Works and privately funded projects. Furthermore, we completed all other required tasks efficiently as they developed.

Herb changed the business to American Construction & Coatings, LLC. to better exemplify the nature of the business. We have recently become SBA 8(a) certified. Consequently, we hope to become established in the federal arena. We believe that we are a perfect match for the SBA 8(a) program. Our accomplished staff of a secretary, accountant, administrator, three project managers, & superintendents in the field, bonding of $4,000,000 aggregate and $1,000,000 per project, a banking line of credit, construction expertise, and the determination to be an SBA 8(a) success are some of the attributes that make American Construction & Coatings LLC. a valuable entity. We view the SBA 8(a) as a wonderful opportunity for us to grow into one of the premier general contractors in the area.

We currently enjoy strong customer relations with all of our billion dollar national contractors and large regional contractors who utilize our services repeatedly because we are economical and we always follow through with what we say were going to do. We will carry those same values forward to the contracting officers whom we will have the pleasure to work with. Moving forward, American Construction & Coatings, LLC intends to expand its market with an emphasis on building a strong federal customer base.